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*Attention !!
This time table is last Summer's.
So Maybe It will be little changed this Summer.
Please just refer to your planning.

1)The nearest JR station

The most nearest JR station is JR Naka-Furano St.
It take about 5 or 6 minutes walk.

The JR train (named Furano line) run between
JR Furano St. and JR Asahikawa St, via JR Naka-Furano St. or Biei St.

(about 10minutes) (about 30minutes) (about 20minutes)
JR Furano St. ============== JR Naka-Furano St. ============== JR Biei St. ============== JR Asahikawa St.

*This is time table from JR Furano St, to JR Naka-Furano St, follow :

*And This is time table from JR Asahikawa St, to JR Naka-Furano St, follow :

The last train from JR Furano St, is 20:44
and arrive at JR Naka-Furano St, is 20:51.
The last train from JR Asahikawa St, is 22:37 .
and arrive at  JR Naka-Furano St. is 23:34,
Befor that time ,There is about 1 train each 1 hour .

2)The way to here from JR Naka-Furano St.

This is a map from JR Naka-Furano St.


2)The way from JR Sapporo station

A) There are only 3 train  from JR Sapporo St. direct express to JR Furano St.
( One of them, from Shin-Chitose airport via JR Sapporo St. to JR Furano St.)
The time table is follow ;

 Shin-Chitose airport   JR Sapporo St, JR Furano St,
----  8:04           10:01
----       9:15        1103
 12:15         13:06     15:09

*The above train doesn't stop at JR Naka-Furano St.
So You have to ride JR Furano line from JR Furano St.
and stop at JR Naka-Furano St.

B) The other way to JR Naka-Furano St. from the JR Sapporo St, are 3 route.
Each way is about 3 or 4 hour .

 ===== JR Train
 ・・・・・ Bus (Chuou Bas campany)

1(Only train) JR Sapporo St. ====== JR Asahikawa St .====== JR Naka-Furano St
2(Only train) JR Sapporo St ====== JR Takigawa St ====== JR Furano St. ====== JR Naka-Furano St,
3(Bus and train) Sapporo bas terminal
Furano Bas terminal ====== JR Naka-Furano St,

*This is time table from JR Sapporo St, to JR Takigawa St and JR Asahikawa St, follow :

*This is time table from Sapporo bas terminal to Furano Bas termina follow :

3)The way from Asahikawa Airport

There is a shuttle bus from JR Asahikawa St, via Asahikawa Airport
and Naka-Furano Bas terminal
to New-Furano-Prince-Hotel.
There is about 1 bus each 1 hour .
*This is time table follow :

3)The way from Shin-Chitose airport to JR Sapporo St