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1) Information center

This is Informaition center original web site.
Please refer to your travel plan follow:

Furano Informaition center

Naka-Furano Informaition center

kami-Furano Informaition center

Biei Informaition center
2)Lavender information

A)Blooming season of Lavender

Generally The lavander flower will start blooming on
the end of June or early in July.
And it will start being in full of bloom on around 10 July.
And It is about 10 to 20 July that everybody can see
the most beautiful lavander flower .
But the most important thing to start blooming for the lavender flower
is climate until Summer from now.
So nobody can expect correctness that.

B)Lavender Farm

There is a little lavender farm in front of this YH.
That is not famous farm. But It is just 1 minute walk !
Another some famous lavender farm is near here too.
All of that is within 20 minutes walk. Detail is follow:

"Farm Tomita"   20 minutes walk.
"Cyouei-lavevder en"  10 minutes walk.
"Saika no sato"  7minutes walk

3)Rental Bicycle

We have 3 bycycles.
The type is 2 type. The one is nomal city bycycle.
The other 2 is Mountainbike.
price is follow:

City bycycle(yen) Mountainbike(yen)
1 day 400 500
half day 200 300
1hour 100 150

* There is a Rental Bicycle Shop in this town.
You can rent a bicycle !

4)Outdoor sport menu

There are a lot of outdoor activities menue at Furano
by some outdoor guide office .
This is one of office's original web site address follow:

"Alpine visitor center "

*I am sorry that the above homepage is only Japanese .
 I hope That will offer some information for you !

But I think you can enough enjoy at Furano yourself.
There are some beautiful and vast nature landscape around this youth hostel.
So I think maybe you can see and experience that  by only walk or cycling .

5) Environs access

A)The way to Daisetsuzan

> To "Asahi-dake"

             By Train(30'min)    By Bus(40'min)


    By Train(60'min)    By Bus(110'min)