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1)Detail price

>>Stay fee
( include 8% Tax)

Age group Stay fee( 1 person / 1 night )
Adult( over 17 years old) 3450yen
Children ( over 4 years old and under 16) 2900yen
Baby (under 3 years old) 540yen

**Only above 40000yen payment credit card use available.

>>Private room charge= + 2160 yen ( 1 room / 1 night / include 8%Tax)
*But if your group member is above 5 peoples,
  You don't need to pay the Private room charge

(Detail Private room stay fee)

Number of group people Total group fee (yen) Each person's stay fee (yen)
1 - Not avairable
2 3450x2+2160=9060 4530
3 3450x3+2160=12510 4170
4 3450x4+2160=15960 3990
5乣6 3450X5乣6 3450

丒I can not arrange 1 Private room
 for 1 or 2 peoples during Summer season (July and August)

Because there is no single room, I can not arrange 1 private room for 1 person every season .

>>Supper fee = Free
>>Breakfast fee = Free

*That is to say, If you eat supper and breakfast
or you don't eat that ,the price is same.

* Supper and breakfast is Japanese home cooking.
Supper is rice and soop and some of vegetables
and a little meat.( sometime is carry rice )
Breakfast is some bread and vegetables and
a little egg and ham and coffee or tea.
That rice and some of vegetables is come from my farm.
It is not sumptuous .All of that is simple.
But I try to make that enought to eat your fill.
And supper and breakfast is self-service .

*The supper time is pm 7:00 .
The breakfast time is am7:00 to 8:00.

If you reserve supper and breakfast,
Please keep the above time .

*But every丂Sunday is Supper off day.
( Only on the July and August,Sunday and Thursday is Supper off day )

I am sorry to trouble you but please eat your supper at somewhere
restaurant or please buy some of food by yourself and eat here.
I will prepare hot water and micro-wave oven .

2)Room Information

There are 5 rooms at here.

Room type Room capacity Shower and Toilet
A 4 beds and 1 sofa bed Not include room
B 4 beds Not include room
C 4 or 5 beds + 1 sofa bed Include room

*If you reserve Dormitory room, you can't choice above room type .

3) Common Bath room

There are 2 Common Bath rooms ,
Each common bathroom capacity is only 1 person.
So each traveler take the bath by turns.You can take the bath alone .
The commn bath room available time is pm 17 :00 to pm 23:00..

4) Private room shower
Every time available
without day time ( am 9:30 to pm 16:00 )

5) Please keep the time

>The supper time is just pm 7:00 .
>The breakfast time is am7:00 to 8:00.

(Check in and out)
>Check-in     pm16:00乣pm22:00
>Check-out    乣am9:30

*If you will arrive after 20:00,Please tell me in advance.

(Close time)
>Day time Close am9:30乣 pm16:00

*Day time Close is for cleaning and shopping.
So you can not stay your room and
you can not take a rest inside this house
during the above time.

*Of course you can leave your baggege at here during Day time Close.
If you want to leave your baggege befor check in or after check out ,
Please leave that on the chair of lobby.
But please carry your valuables with you .

>Night time close pm23:00.
The front door is opened all time.
You can go out for a walk at night or early morning.
But please come back this house until Night time close.

(Putting out lights time)

>The time for putting out lights is  not establish.
*But If you stay in the Dormitory room,Please put off your room light early.
If you want to have a pleasant talk with friend until late,
please use the dining room.
If you stay at Private room,That time is free.
So please enjoy talking in your room freely.