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1)Way to reservation

No1) Please send your reservation mail with the below contents.
No2) I will send reply to you when I received your reservation.
No3) Please send again your confirmation mail when you received our reply.

Reservation Mail

I can check the all of mail only 1 or 2 times / day.
So If you want to contact to me about your reservation by E-mail,
Please send until 4 days before .
Please contact to me by phone Since then.

In Summer ( June to August ), I can not send reply soon
because I am very busy .Please wait few days.
But If you can not receive our reply within 4 days,
Please tell by phone or make contact by the other your mail address.

>Number of people
  and member's age and sex
>Check in date and check out date
>Reservation Type
   1)Stay only
   2)Stay and Supper
   3)Stay and next morning Breakfast
   4)Stay and Supper and
      Next morning Breakfast
>Room Type
   1) Dormitory
   2) Private room
>Your name
>Access ( By car or By JR or etc... )
>E-mail address

2)About start reservation

I start to accept your reservation (*without July ) before 6 month .
( *July reservation start from 1 April ....before 3 month )
仏The cancelation is too many troubled for other,
please reserve after you get your travel ticket and decide your travel schedule.
I am waiting for your reservation soon !

3)About Re-confirmation of reservation

*If your reservation had completed ,
Please send again your re-confirmation mail befor 1 week
when you departure from your country.

4)About cancel reservation

*If you will not come here on reserve day without connect
with me in advance, I have to request your all of stay fee.
If you have some trouble and you want to change or cancel your reservation ,
please make contact with me until befor 1 day when you come.!

* If you decide cancel or change your reservation befor departure your house,
 Please send your mail as soon as possible.
Mail address : MAIL furano.youthhostel@gmail.com

* If you decide that after arrive at Japan,
Please tell me by phone as soon as possible.
My English hearing skil is poor.
But I will try to contact with you .
Tel Number : (0167)44-4441
Fax Number : (0167)44-4521

*If you don't tell me until before reserve day,
you have to pay the cancel charge( = 3200yen/ person )
 So please give attention!!